Monday, May 9, 2016

A Balanced Diet

Over the years I've tried so many diets, and after years of avoiding certain types of food I've finally gone back to eating in a "normal" way. My only rule nowadays is: "Eat more of what's healthy, and eat less of what's not good for your body." I used to have a hard time staying at the same weight but nowadays I get on the scale very seldom, my weight seems to stay the same by itself. I've noticed that in the end it's less about food for me and more about other stuff. For example, I've always gained weight during really stressful and lonely seasons of my life or when I've been homesick. I've learned that if I take care of my mental health my physical health will follow. It also works the other way around sometimes, if I don't prioritize exercising and get lazy and eat unhealthy food my mental health will also suffer.

Today my goal is to work out 3-4 times per week and to eat healthy most of the time. I usually try to stay away from treats during the weekdays so that I can treat myself to dessert and a vanilla latte during the weekend. A couple of weeks ago we celebrated 1st of May with donuts and Swedish cider on the weekend. If I want to treat myself on a Wednesday night I might buy a new interior design magazine and make my favorite green smoothie.

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