Monday, May 30, 2016

The Road Trip

Day 1: Comfy clothes are a must on a road trip! I'm all set for a drive South of the border.

We made it to the hotel in Pittsburgh! I'm ready to see what Pittsburgh has to offer on a Saturday night.

Day 2: Time to fill up on some coffee and read the news before we head out on the road again.

The drive from Pittsburgh to Washington was rainy but still beautiful, I love the beautiful mountain views!

Day 3: We were able to do some sight-seeing in Washington DC, you can't leave town without seeing the White House.

... and some more sight-seeing.

Day 4: Our first day in sunny Virginia Beach,VA. It felt great to be back at the beach after many months of snow and colder weather!

Quality time with my hubby, we both love the ocean and taking beach vacations.

Day 7: Time to start driving back up North. Iced lattes and good music in the car kept us entertained during our drive back home to Canada. I feel very blessed and thankful for this eight-day-long vacation that offered a lot of time for rest. Many great memories were created during this trip! :)

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