Monday, May 30, 2016

Killing Comparison

Today, more than ever, being content in life can be really difficult. Social media has given us many great benefits but one of the negative side effects of social media is that we compare ourselves with others more than ever before. It's hard to feel content when you are constantly comparing your real life with pictures of people's highly edited lives online. What can we do to kill the comparison in our lives and recover contentment so that we will feel more satisfied with our lives? Craig Groeschel offers us three great tips:

1.) We can kill the temptation to be envious of others by taking a break from social media or by avoiding certain accounts that we know tend to trigger our envy.

2.) We can choose to celebrate the blessings in other people's lives. We can choose to celebrate with those who celebrate, rather than to envy what they have. We control our own emotions, our emotions don't control us (unless we let them).

3.) We can cultivate gratitude. The more we learn to thank God for what he has already given us in life the more our envy and discontentment in life will fade away. The definition of envy that Craig mentions is powerful: "Envy is resenting God's goodness in other people's lives, and ignoring his goodness in your own."

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