Monday, September 26, 2016

3 things I love about Fall

1.Taking the ferry boat to the Toronto Islands.

The Toronto Islands are popular in the summer but my favorite time to visit the islands is in the fall when it's a lot less busy out there. I love strolling in the parks on the islands with family and friends and enjoying the beautiful views of the city.

2. Going hiking.

I love being able to enjoy hiking again as the fall arrives. Nature only gets more and more beautiful as the trees start to change colors.

3. The clothes.

Finally it's cold enough outside to wear jeans again (my favorite piece of clothing) and to cozy up with long tights and sweatshirts. Today it's rainy outside and I plan to spend my evening relaxing with a cup of my favorite tea and lit a few candles. Did I mention that I love living in a country with 4 different seasons and that fall happens to be my favorite season of all? :)

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