Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Our self-image is important

Pastor Dharius Daniels preaches a great sermon about feeling inadequate, self-image and our purpose in this video from Code Orange Revival. Dharius Daniels talks about how revival is a space where God reintroduces himself to us but it’s also a space where God gets to reintroduce us to ourselves. Dharius says that there is a you that you haven’t met yet that God wants to introduce to you. There is a wiser you, a stronger you, a peaceful you, a you that has unused potential that you are still unaware of at this point. God doesn’t want you to stay stuck in your past, he wants to introduce you to the new you.

My self-image is important

The way we see God will always impact the way we see ourselves. The more we encounter God and understand how good and loving He is, the more we will love and value ourselves as a result of that. The more we love God the more will also love ourselves.

Pastor Dharius Daniels talks about how God reintroducing us to ourselves isn’t only about us feeling good about ourselves, it is all about God getting us ready for our assignment. We can’t serve God well before we love and value who we are. Why? Because when we sign up to serve God many things will come against us and try to take us down. The enemy will work hard at trying to destroy what God is building through us. When our identity has become secure and anchored in Christ nothing will be able to come against us and succeed at taking us down.

If I’m going to be able to fulfill my purpose in life I first need to have a proper perception of who I am. Before I can figure out what I was created to do I need to know who I am. Dharius explains that the course and quality of our lives are not only determined by how we see God, it is also determined by how we see ourselves. The Bible is full of verses where God tells his people who we are. God tells us: you are special, you are chosen, you are called, you are blessed, you are light. If we don’t know who God is and what we mean to Him it will easily become our past mistakes and things other people have said about us that we will base our self-image upon. The day we finally understand how precious we are to God nothing in our past will be able to hold us back from fulfilling our purpose any longer, we will become unstoppable because we serve a God who is unstoppable.

My personal calling

I also like what Dharius Daniels says about the importance of me following God’s call on my life. We often see somebody else do something in life that worked for them so we try to do the same thing in our own lives. Dharius points out that just because one thing has worked in somebody else’s life doesn’t mean it will work for you. I need to make sure I’m following God’s call on my life and not copying other people. God has created me for a unique purpose, it is not going to look exactly the same as it does for someone else. I need to make sure I’m following God, not other people. I’m unique and God’s plan for me is unique, it doesn’t look the same as somebody else’s calling. In other words: “Don’t do what other people do, do what God calls you to do.

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