Monday, September 19, 2016

Growing Stronger

Jennie Lusko teaches a great sermon in this video called "Growing Stronger". Jennie talks about how we have to learn to fight if we want to grow stronger in our souls. Working out to build a strong body isn't easy. It's easy to lay on the couch and eat donuts, it's difficult to get up early before work and head to the gym. We have to fight if we want stronger bodies and the same way we have to fight if we want stronger souls.

The first thing we might ask ourselves is "Why?". Why do we need to continue to grow in life, why can't we just chill and float through life? We need to keep growing to make sure we are not wasting our lives and to make a difference while we are here. When our lives are over we will be leaving something behind for our children and the next generation so the question is: "What do I want to leave behind, what do I want my legacy to be?" We can ask ourselves what kind of old person we want to become one day. Most of us probably want to become a loving, gentle, joyful and grateful old person rather than a bitter, angry and self-centered old person. The second question we can ask ourselves is: "What can I do this year to make sure I'm taking steps towards becoming that old person one day?" Research has shown that even the most introverted person will impact and influence around 10 000 people over the course of one life. How we choose to live matters.

Jennie Lusko talks about how we can learn to fight for our own soul, our relationships and our everyday lives. Jennie also talks about how we can fight through the trouble that will come our way during a lifetime on Earth. Jennie shares a little bit about her own worst experience with pain so far, when her daughter Lenya died, and how she got through that very painful time in her life.

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