Thursday, September 1, 2016

Summer Moments

Today it's September 1st and next week the fall season starts. Last Weekend my husband and I enjoyed one of the last weeks of summer by taking a trip to Cobourg on Friday evening.

We got the chance to enjoy a nice evening swim in Lake Ontario in Victoria Park.

The beach has been "my gym" during the summer months, biking and swimming are my favorite workouts during summer. I love going to the beach in the evening so that I can take a 30-45 min workout swim in the lake and enjoy nature at the same time.

After I'm done with my swim I like to sit on the beach for a while and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

My favorite healthy breakfast during summer has been a bowl of Greek yogurt with a mountain of fresh fruit and berries on top. I've had this same breakfast on most days during the months of June, July and August.

On the weekends I've made it a tradition to treat myself to a sweet breakfast, usually a croissant or a maple pecan danish. I have enjoyed being able to have my breakfast in the park on Saturday mornings this summer.

After breakfast my husband and I like to take a stroll in our neighborhood and enjoy the summer breeze and being able to be outdoors.

Saturday mornings are very slow and relaxing at our house, a time to catch up and talk about what we've experienced during the week.

Next week when fall arrives it will be time to change out our summer routine with breakfasts in the park and beach trips for other things. I look forward to going on hikes in the fall and enjoying wearing something else than just dresses and skirts, I've hardly worn my jeans at all during the summer months.

The most exciting thing about the fall is that we will have guests from Finland come visit us in Toronto in September. I look forward to spending a lot of time with friends and family. I'm also very excited about our adoption journey entering a new stage this fall, we are getting closer and closer to getting to adopt our children every week. :)

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