Thursday, May 11, 2017

Never talk bad about your spouse in public

Jeff and Alyssa talk about why it's important to commit to never talking bad about your spouse in public. We see this type of behavior a lot in movies and TV shows, it makes great entertainment on TV but in real life it will create an atmosphere of death in your marriage rather than an atmosphere of life. Our words are so powerful, we can choose to either speak life or to speak death into our relationship.

No matter who we marry our spouse will have things about them that irritates us, but gossiping about these things with friends will not make things better. Jeff and Alyssa suggest that we talk to our spouse about the things that bothers us rather than to complain about our spouse with others. It's also a great idea to have an older married couple to talk to and get marriage advice from. You can both agree on a couple that can become your marriage mentors. This couple will become the people you always go to with your struggles when you are in need of outside advice. Your marriage mentors will be a safe place to ask questions, talk about your issues and receive wisdom because you know that this couple is for you and want your marriage to succeed.

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