Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Showing Kindness

I really value learning about life from older women who have dealt with the same things that I'm facing in my life today. Older women who can offer their wisdom and encouragement. Mary Kassian is a Canadian author, speaker, blogger and professor. Mary is also a wife, mom, granny, cyclist and dog lover. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth is an American author, speaker and radio host. Together Nancy and Mary have written a book called True Woman 201 and in this video they talk about why it makes a huge difference in the world when a woman chooses to show kindness to others.

Most people would agree that choosing to show kindness to others is a nice thing to do, but for a Christian it's a godly thing to do. God showed kindness to us when he saved us so how can we not show kindness to others as a response to that? When we have experienced God's love and kindness in our own lives being kind to others becomes the natural response.

We all know that kindness can make a huge difference in our interactions with others but it's still difficult to be kind to others. Sometimes it's easier to be kind to strangers than it is to be kind to our own husbands and children. We easily become snappy and mean when we are too busy, stressed or tired. We know that God values a kind heart very highly and therefore it's important for each one of us to be willing to grow in the area of kindness.

We don't have to beat ourselves up when we end up being unkind to others, every day is a new chance to practice choosing kindness. We are all on a kindness journey and the more we practice patience, self-control and kindness the better we will get at it.

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