Monday, May 15, 2017

The Story of the Bible

Jon Collins and Tim Mackie explains the story of the Bible in a very simple way with the help of an animated video. The story of God's relationship with humanity isn't as complicated as we sometimes can assume. We each have a choice to choose good or evil. We can either do whatever we want, or we can choose love. We all adore the word love, but living it out is far from easy. Choosing love will require us to go against our own natural urges many times. We choose to forgive, even if we crave revenge. We choose to practice self-control even when we want to gossip. We choose perseverance even when we want to quit on our difficult human relationships. Love is beautiful but it is seldom an easy route to choose. God helps us do the impossible, to choose love even when our whole being craves going down the evil route.

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