Monday, May 1, 2017

The way we were meant to live

Have you ever experienced something that can only be explained by the power of God?

Some moment, or some one, so filled with the Holy Spirit that you believe, or believe all over again- that God is real, and God is with us.

Heaven touching earth.

The Holy Spirit’s movement, power, and grace can be learned and experienced like an artist learns to paint or a dancer learns the steps

Step by step, as we give up our own might and power and are instead clothed with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit- 

We are seeing God’s Kingdom come on earth

We are seeing the way we were meant to live, the way we were built to move, It is in Him that we find our being

We need strength when ours fails, we long for comfort in every circumstance, we skeptics seek a Witness to Jesus, and an empowerment to change the world

So we the Church pray: Spirit, Move! 
And we the Church declare a Spirit Move. 
And we the Church Move in step with the Spirit

We are propelled by the power of the Living God at work in our midst in miraculous ways

Spirit Move.

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