Monday, May 1, 2017

Two Years Ago

Two years ago in May my husband and I took a road trip to Myrtle Beach,SC. It turned out our timing for the road trip wasn't great.

Three out of the four days in Myrtle Beach were cloudy and rainy. We decided to leave Myrtle Beach one day earlier than we had planned.

On our way back home we decided to visit Virginia Beach for a couple of days. We hadn't planned to visit Virginia from the start but the bad weather down south led to an unexpected but fun stay at Virginia Beach. Many times it's when life does not go according to my plan that it ends up being better than I could have ever imagined! :)

Both my husband and I liked Virginia Beach so much that we decided to take another road trip to this city a year later.

My hubby in Virginia Beach last year in May.

This is what I call a relaxing vacation.

It's the first week of May again and my husband and I are in the process of planning another road trip, but this year we aren't visiting Virginia.

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