Monday, March 7, 2016

Duche's Story

Duche Bradley grew up desperately longing to be loved by his father. He was always angry growing up which led to violence and got him into trouble. As a teenager he started selling drugs and over time he went from selling marijuana to selling cocaine, he became a drug entrepreneur.

Duche eventually ended up in prison. One day another man attacked him in prison and Duche ended up in a fight. After the fight the man who attacked Duche was sent to isolation and Duche was asked if he wanted to go to church. Church was a small prison cell with only Duche and one other inmate. The other inmate handed Duche a small Bible and said 8 words to him that would change Duche's life forever: "You look burdened. Can I pray for you?" Duche told the other inmate that he had a little toddler son and that he had promised his son that he would never leave him. That his son would never have to grow up not knowing who his father was, and here he was doing exactly that which he had promised he would never do.

As Duche was given his prison sentence he was told that he was looking at 25-40 years in prison. All Duche could think about in that moment was that his son would have to grow up not knowing who his father was. He didn't know what else to do in that moment, so he started to pray. He cried out to God and asked for mercy.

Later when Duche called his attorney the man said: "You are never going guess the news that I have for you." The court had decided to nolle prosequi his charges, this meant that the 12-24 years that Duche was guilty of were wiped away. Duche ended up doing only 2 and a half years in prison in total.

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