Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Call: Caring for Orphans

Katie Davis was dreaming about taking a gap year after high school and doing mission work abroad for a year before going to college. After finally being able to convince her parents to let her put off college for a year Katie spent a year in Uganda teaching kindergarten at an orphanage. When Katie's year abroad was over she had fallen in love with Uganda and the people there. She went back to the US again and started college but felt miserable. After a few months of trying but failing to live a "normal life" in America again Katie returned to Uganda. Today she is 26 years old and still lives in Uganda where she runs the non-profit Amazima ministries. Katie has also become the mother of fourteen orphaned girls that she has adopted in Uganda. Last year Katie got married to her husband Benji Majors.

What I find the most inspiring with Katie's story is that she didn't hesitate even when life started taking a very different direction than she had planned for herself. Katie has an incredible courage and a warm heart, she is ready to care for whatever child or person God brings into her life. I also like what Katie Davis has to say about finding our calling in life. Many people feel like they don't know what God wants them to do with their life, but as Katie points out, it's no secret. God has made it really clear in the Bible that he wants us to love other people as we love ourselves. The Bible teaches us to care for orphans and widows, to feed the hungry, to heal the sick etc. If we are calling ourselves Christians doing these things are no longer an option in life, it's a requirement. Mother Teresa makes it really clear and simple in this quote:

"Faith in action is love, and love in action is service."
Mother Teresa

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