Monday, March 21, 2016

My Weekend

The highlights of the weekend were...

The sunshine! I love living in a country with four seasons, it helps me appreciate every season. I definitely think that I would take the warm and sunny days for granted if I lived somewhere where it's sunny all the time, after a long winter I'm always super happy to see the blue skies again!

The Sushi! Last week we had March Break in Ontario but we didn't book any vacation this year so I thought: "Why not make the beach come to you?" The "Hawaii roll" at Izakaya never disappoints!

A day downtown in our beautiful city Toronto always makes the weekend fun! I also found a nice Key Lime Pie at the grocery store that continued the "vacation theme" of the weekend. The best thing about that pie is that I still have a few slices left of it to enjoy during the week. A slice of Key Lime Pie can take a Monday evening from ordinary to special. I love to look for little things that can make life beautiful and special, whether it's a walk along the beach at sunset on a Wednesday evening or a tasty dessert on a Monday. I think life is too short to only live for the weekends! :)

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