Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Improving Yourself & Self Love

When it comes to improving yourself being able to take constructive criticism is an important part of the journey. Our friends and loved ones, plus potentially a boss or mentor, are the people in our lives that are most likely going to be able to give us constructive criticism. Once we have figured out what people we want to allow to speak into our lives we can decide to open ourselves up to criticism. If your friends or loved ones aren't very good at giving constructive criticism it can be a good idea to say something like: "I really want to change but could you please make your feedback constructive so that I can learn from it".

When someone gives us constructive criticism it really becomes all about being able to listen without getting defensive. It's important to remember that criticism doesn't mean that we are not good people or really bad at something, it just means that there are areas where we can still improve. It's also good to remember that nobody is perfect, we all need to continue to grow, each one of us just might need to grow in different areas.

When we love ourselves we can start looking at the parts of our character that still needs work and admit to ourselves that "yeah, I really need to work on that". The fact that we have issues doesn't mean we are of less value than someone else, it's just a sign that we are human. Love yourself and keep caring for yourself by committing to self improvement every year.

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