Monday, March 7, 2016

Wayne's Story

Growing up Wayne Huizenga wanted to be just like his father. Wayne succeeded in becoming rich and powerful like his father. He lived a life of wealth and prestige with the big house, the fishing boat and a private jet. He lived a self focused life, did whatever he felt like and said whatever came to his mind. He traveled the world and was happy but never really content in life. He wasn't feeling fulfilled.

Wayne had a Christian friend and one day he asked his friend why the two of them were so different. Wayne's friend told him that there's a hole in each person heart and we all try to fill it with different things but nothing else than God himself can fill it. Wayne eventually decided to find a church and during his first visit in church he fell to his knees and started crying, asking God to forgive him for how he had been living up until this point. He was given a second chance in life and everything about him started to change.

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