Monday, March 21, 2016

How to deal with credit card debt

Living in a responsible way when it comes to money is important but it can be very difficult at times. We learn a lot of good things in school but sadly nobody teaches us about important topics like work-life balance, mental health or how to handle money in high school. One thing that makes me mad is that when young adults start college they get bombarded with offers to get credit cards from different companies that visit the college campuses. I have a friend who took every single credit card she was offered in university and quickly ended up deep in debt, it took her many years to get rid of that debt.

Young adults who we're not lucky enough to grow up with parents who taught them about money and responsibility easily end up deep in debt during the earlier part of their adult life. I'm happy to see that Youtubers like "Sugar Mamma" offer good advice for free about money and financial planning that can help young people. Few things can steal our freedom and add more stress to life than living with a lot of debt.

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