Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Shopping

On Saturday my husband and I decided to go Christmas shopping in Toronto. I'm only buying one present per person this year so I thought it would be quite easy to get my shopping done this year. I had a plan: eat dinner first (to fill up on energy), then do the shopping. The problem was I ate way too much for dinner and finished it off with a bowl of ice cream for dessert. After dinner I was tired from eating a huge meal and walked through the mall like a zombie.

When we were finally done with all the shopping I felt like a dead fish and decided to rest on one of the benches in the mall. As I was sitting there, probably looking like I had just finished a marathon race, I wondered to myself how other people are able to buy so many gifts for each person without crashing. It turns out I have no endurance at all when it comes to shopping.

The positive side of the Christmas shopping experience was that all the staff at the mall were super helpful and joyful. I never interacted with even one person on staff that didn't give me great service. I don't know how they do it, I don't think I could keep a smile on my face throughout a 10 hour shift at the mall. These people have definitely got a gift for serving people, their help made the day a lot less stressful than it could have been otherwise.

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