Monday, December 7, 2015

Finding Freedom from Substance Abuse

Ryan Ries lived a wild life and eventually found himself stuck in substance abuse and sex addiction. He is thankful that he is alive today since he had many friends who killed themselves while high on drugs or went mentally insane from the drugs. During a tour in South America Ryan had an experience when he took so much drugs that his friends thought he was dead.

The next day Ryan realized that he had to do something drastic to change his life. He started to look through the drawers in his hotel room and found a Bible. Ryan stole the Bible from the hotel and read it for six hours straight, afterwards he felt peace inside for the first time in his life. It has been a journey for Ryan to get free from his sex addiction and substance abuse but he is passionate about living the rest of his life for Jesus and doing whatever he can to help other people. Today Ryan Ries is a part of The Whosoevers that help young people get free from sex addiction and drug addictions. Ryan also hosts a radio show that talks about topics like addictions, human trafficking etc.

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