Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Our kind of Christmas

Christmas at our house is becoming more and more multicultural every year as new people are added to the family. This year we are celebrating a Jamaican-Finnish-Swedish-Canadian Christmas. We make a Canadian dinner at Christmas Eve and then we have Jamaican blackcake for dessert. We celebrate Advent every Sunday in December with Swedish glögg and gingerbread. Thank God for Ikea by the way, living abroad as a Scandinavian gets so much easier when you can pick up all the holiday foods you need at Ikea.

When we were celebrating our first Christmas in the new house I had big plans to make homemade gingerbread and Finnish Christmas foods, then the ice storm hit Toronto and none of that happened. One thing I love about living in North America is that you can buy almost anything ready-made if you are in a hurry, it makes life a lot easier.

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