Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The End of a Season



Today it's December 1st and as one season ends the next one begins. I decided to put together some pictures from some of my favorite moments from the fall. I like to take the time to sit down and look through the pictures on my camera every now and then, it helps me feel tankful for everything I have in my life right now. We need to keep our focus on what's next in life but sometimes it's good to stop and think about what we already have.

This fall I got the chance to do a lot of fun things. The beginning of September was very warm so I enjoyed taking morning walks along the beach and spent my weekends down by the marina. During the beginning of fall I also had energy to bake homemade cupcakes that I could enjoy. In October my husband and I decided to take the ferry boat out to the Toronto Islands which created a nice fall memory (minus the attack of the bees, that is).

I also got the chance to take part in a Women's Connect group at church this fall where I met many wonderful and brave women. We had a lot of fun together as we did the "Stuck" Small Group Bible Study by Jennie Allen. During Canadian Thanksgiving in October I got to enjoy great food and beautiful fall weather. Enjoying a Pumpkin Spice Latte in good company at the local coffee shop is also one of my favorite things to do during fall. The month of November is the less fun part of fall if you ask me, but during the days without rain I enjoyed taking walks along the beach. The week after Halloween all the Christmas decorations were up all around the city and it was time to start getting ready for a new season. They say it will be a warm winter this year but I'm still hoping for a white Christmas!

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