Monday, December 7, 2015

Finding Freedom from the Sex Industry

Harmony Dust tells her story about how she got free from working in the sex industry. Harmony had a very difficult childhood and was sexually abused by multiple people growing up. Her mother battled an addiction and left Harmony and her brother forced to take care of themselves at a very young age. As a young adult Harmony ended up with a huge debt and eventually decided to get a job as a stripper because of her money problems. She shares about how the sex industry is very connected to human trafficking and how she almost took one of those "job offers" that would have led to her being trafficked.

After working in the sex industry for a few years Harmony eventually became friends with a Christian woman she met at a dance class. Harmony was surprised that this woman still wanted to be her friend even after she found out that Harmony worked as a stripper. Over time Harmony eventually became a Christian and wanted to quit her job in the sex industry. It took a lot of courage to quit a job that was making her a lot of money. Harmony left the industry and never went back but she had a long journey ahead as she started the healing process from her painful past.

Today Harmony Dust is part of a ministry that reaches out to women working in the sex industry and offers them support and mentor relationships if they are interested. The ministry aims to show each woman that she is loved and that there are people who can help if she wants help. The ministry pays for things like counselling for the girls etc. Harmony found a way to use her painful past experiences to help others who are stuck in similar life situations.

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