Monday, October 24, 2016

Does God Heal Today?

When we read the Bible we see many different examples of Jesus healing people through miracles. It's stories like these that lead many people to assume that the Bible is untrue and "just a fairy tale". People can't be healed and dead people can't rise from the dead, we know these things to be true. You might be surprised to find out that God still heals people today. God has given people intelligence, knowledge and wisdom to help other people through medicine, but there is also another way that God heals people; miracles. We don't hear people talk about the miracles they have experienced that much, these people are fully aware that most will assume they are crazy when they start talking about the miracle they have experienced, so they keep quiet.

There is a lady in my church who has a son who was diagnosed with incurable cancer. After the doctors had done everything they could she asked if she could bring her young son home. The doctors agreed that she could take her son home for a few months. She told the doctors that she would bring her son home and pray to God for a miracle, the doctors laughed at her face. The lady prayed in faith and over time her son started to get better.

As the months went by the doctors wanted the lady to bring her son back to the hospital. The lady refused to bring him back because he was not sick anymore, all the symptoms of his cancer were gone. The doctors called in social services because they were convinced this mother was crazy. The social services did their investigation and found that there was nothing wrong with the woman mentally. The social workers asked the lady to bring her son to the hospital so that the doctors could do some tests on him and find out that he is not sick anymore.

The doctors ended up spending a whole day doing test after test on the boy, freaking out over the fact that something very odd had happened. In the end they came to the conclusion that the mother was right, the boy no longer had cancer. The lady brought her son home again and he is still a healthy boy today, although today he is driving his parents crazy with his typical teenage behavior, but that's the kind of "crazy" all parents get every now and then. :)

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