Monday, October 3, 2016

My Weekend Treats

It’s October and I didn’t make it more than one day into this new month before I got a cold. I spent my weekend trying to do as little as possible so that my body could rest and recover. I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables to make sure my body got all the nutrients it needed and I stayed mostly indoors since it was rainy all weekend long.

On Sunday evening I was tired of all the healthy food and decided to treat myself to a bag of Chicago popcorn. I also bought a new home decor magazine to add some fun into an otherwise not so interesting weekend. This week I will continue to eat healthy to help my body recover and I also depend on my Tylenol Cold pills. When I first moved to North America my husband tried to get me to eat Tylenol Cold, but I thought it was weird that you can take a pill for almost anything in North America. Six years later I have definitely become sold on these pills, Tylenol Cold makes life so much easier when you are sick.

The upside of being sick is that I get a whole new appreciation of the fact that most of the weeks of the year I’m not sick. I’m also very thankful that I get to live on planet Earth in year 2016, a couple of hundred years ago the situation was very different. Can you imagine going through any type of sickness with close to no painkillers or other medicines available? Imagine going to the dentist two hundred years ago for example. Yeah, this world is still a mess, but it has been a whole lot worse before people. :)

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