Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My heart is at peace

From the day we are born our spiritual enemy, the devil, will work hard at trying to ruin our lives. He will send diseases, challenges and heart aches our way, whatever he can use to break us. He knows that if he can destroy us then through our broken lives he can break the whole world, piece by piece. Anyone who has tried to take on the enemy on their own knows that he is much stronger than we will ever be. The enemy will win if we fight him alone, but if we go into our battles in life with God by our side there is nothing that will be able to come against us and succeed at taking us down. There are many examples in the Bible of kings who went into war without asking God for his opinion first, let's just say it didn't end very well for them. Other times Israel would have a king that would always inquire of the Lord before making any big decisions and in times like these there would be peace and joy in the land.

One thing I have noticed through the years of being a Christian is that as long as you live a complacent life, thinking mostly about yourself, the enemy will leave you alone. You will even doubt that he exists because you have no big problems in life, but the day you decide to align your life with God's purpose he will come after you. When you take on changing the world make sure you are not doing it out of your own strength. You will need God's strength, his provision and his protection. The enemy works hard to kill, steal and destroy everything that is good in our lives and in the world, but our God has the power over all the darkness. When we are saved and become filled with the Holy Spirit the spirit that lives in us is so much greater than our spiritual enemy who is in this world.

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