Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Maddie & Collin

Marriage is not a contract, although we sometimes tend to treat it that way, marriage is a covenant. We all understand what a contract is, it's something we can get out off when we are not satisfied with the service. A covenant is something entirely different than a contract. God has a covenant relationship with the church. God loves his people with an unending, relentless, unconditional love, there is absolutely nothing we could do to loose the love God has for each one of us. When we enter into marriage we are establishing a covenant relationship with each other. We are promising to love each other just like Jesus loves us, that is no small promise. This kind of love will be incredibly difficult to live out at times, but at the same time incredibly beautiful.

Marriage was created by God to be a visible picture of what God's invisible love looks like. When we enter into marriage and commit to love each other with the same kind of love that God first loved us, we show the whole world what God's love is like. What an incredible honor and what an incredibly special and important assignment marriage is. An assignment from God to love my husband the same way Christ loves me.

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