Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's the start of a new era

Last week when my husband and I went shopping at Toys "R" Us it hit me that we are just about to enter a new era in life. We are about to become adoptive parents to two amazing, funny and energetic kids in a few months. One thing I love about older child adoption is that you get to jump right into playing board games with them, taking them to their activities and having conversations with them. Little babies are very cute but it takes a few years before you can start to carry a conversation with them.

As we were shopping at the toy store it also hit me how incredibly excited I am about becoming a mommy to these kids. Yesterday I talked to my friend, who adopted an 11-year old girl last year, and she said to me that although the long wait before the adoption is hard it produces an excitement in us that we probably would not have otherwise. I think she's right. After many months and years of waiting you start to look forward to everything about becoming adoptive parents. You start to not only dream about the good times you will have together, you even start to look forward to when the kids will have their tantrums and push your buttons. :) I show the pictures of our kids to anyone who wants to see them and when my friends ask me about the kids I won't stop talking about them. Parenthood, what a great and deep love it is!

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